Thursday, 8 July 2010

Hellooooo Dartington!

With the return of Chloe and Videl last week and Rachel, a previous intern, this Monday, the office was feeling quite cosily chaotic. Squeezing past elbows, envelopes, booking forms, show cards, banners and on drastically reduced coffee breaks, the Ways with Words team has been a hive of activity for the last few days.

But that is nothing compared to now. This morning we didn't go to Droridge Farm but cycled (well, Flo and I did!) up the hill to Dartington Hall. Legs shaking and sweating slightly (it's quite a climb) we began to unpack Steve's car and shift the entire contents of the office to a corner of Dartington reception area. It's about a third of the size and with more boxes. We're all set up now and doing various tasks, some normal, some slightly irregular. We're still doing ticket orders and processing payments but, for example, this morning I spent an enjoyable half hour or so erecting a marquee with some very lovely guys from a sports event company. I then continued my handywoman tasks by ensuring that the deck chairs' screws were all tight enough. All in a days' work!

We're gearing up for the arrival of speakers. And as I write this, I can announce with great excitement that Michael Bird has arrived and is currently hanging out in reception. Slightly less exciting is the fact that a huge screen has just gone up in front of our area and so Michael is possibly the only person we'll see with ease....

Next task: press board, and Flo needs the computer to send some emails regarding our Turner prize winners Richard Long and Martin Creed, so I will sign off from here - but I promise to be back soon with more updates from the lively Ways office!

A bientot!

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