Monday, 8 June 2009

Another day in the office...

With the blog running for well over a week now I thought perhaps I should take a turn at posting. Last week we were all making the most of Kay and Stephen's garden by basking in glorious sunshine. Today we were huddled around the fire trying to keep warm. Tomorrow I’m going to be traveling around Devon bringing our Ways With Words brochures to a bookshop near you! (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for dry weather).

The mayhem of the first two weeks seems a bit of a distant memory. The office feels very tranquil in comparison. We seem to be taking more tea and coffee breaks, and biscuits are leading the agenda. The addition of a pre-coffee-break coffee has also proven very popular.

The ticket sale count shows that we’re doing well with the sales, which is great news! And I’ve finally begun to read the book that I’ll be reviewing for you; Ben Crystal’s Shakespeare on Toast. It’s entertaining, light-hearted and interesting. There’s something to be said for being able to read a book about Shakespeare when you first wake up in the morning! It seems like a popular choice. A queue of people wanting to read it is forming behind me as I type.

I’ll be back with more soon, but right now it’s home time!

Bryony Intern xxx

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