Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Phones and Double Trouble

Here at Ways With Words over the last three weeks the phones have been ringing heavily. The lines opened for ticket bookings the day after we four interns started and they have only just quietened down this week.

Answering the phone has mostly been fun. A few disgruntled people who couldn’t get the tickets they wanted aside, most people have been happy and looking forward to the festival and been keen to indulge in a bit of banter that makes life all the more interesting.

One of my favourite points of banterage has been discussing the double acts at the festival. We have quite a few coming this year, particularly on Monday 13th July, and I’ve been fielding suggestions about what these people could do, together, if they wanted a career change.

I was put onto this by a frivolous conversation with a caller about how Lovelock & Gribbin (James Lovelock and John Gribbin) sound like a couple of Private Detectives from a 1930’s Hollywood film. So that got me thinking and then asking customers. Subsequently, I firmly believe Francis Beckett & David Hencke should setup an Accountancy firm, while Beckett & Hattersley are probably your local Solicitors.

Furthermore, Jane Borodale & Sarah Hall could quite easily lend their surnames to a demolition firm based near Sheffield, while I swear I have seen the names Perks, Andrews and Swift on an Estate Agents board out side someone’s house.

There are some double acts that we have not yet been able to place in new lines of employment however; Chisholm & Partridge, Harvey & Hart and the rather long but good sounding – Glendinning, Holroyd, Lively and O’Reilly. The latter one at least deserves a good suggestion, so I call on you readers to give us your suggestions.

Oh and one more thing. I’d like to congratulate everyone who has purchased Horatio Clare tickets. You boosted my chances of winning the office sweepstake no end. However, that spoilsport Ashdown went and sold out first, thus I am not £9 better off!

Charlie Intern xx


  1. Harvey & Hart would make an extremely good name for the local pub!

  2. Jane Borodale and Sarah Hall sound like the makings of a National Trust property to me...Borodale Hall! Most likely 17th century...with a moat.

  3. Chisholm and Partridge, Country Butchers (specialists in game)!