Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Sunny Lunch Times...

While the weather continues to be so fantastic we have all been making the most of it and having lunch outside. In our own private garden boudoir, we have a chance to relax while our skin soaks up the sun rays and nature joins in the festivities of our lunch. Relaxing on the grass, it also gives us an opportunity to delve into the books of our choice - mine transporting me to the 17th century of yesteryear as 'Agnes Trussel' journeys from rural Surrey to London. Don't worry though all you WWW festival goers, we have the phone handy and each take turns to answer your calls between munching our curds and whey.

Today I had to rescue Jimmy Cricket from a thirst-quenching glass of water! He jumped right into the glass and needed a little help to get out. We also have a regular visitor, Henry, the neighbour's dog, who weaves his way around us, nosing for tidbits and affection (he particularly likes Charlie's selection of sandwiches). One important aspect to look out for, however, is where one chooses to sit - yesterday I had the misfortune to sit in something that left a remarkable green pattern on my shorts, which unfortunately I did not notice until I was long gone from the office!

The bad news is this glorious English weather is not due to last to the weekend, yet I'm sure it will return in time for the Ways With Words festival!

Natalie Intern x


  1. Please note that Jimmy the cricket is a close cousin to Jimminy The Cricket :-)

  2. Was he related to Jiminy cricket as well? ;)

  3. I think you will find dear tommethy that all crickets are related to each other in one form or another...