Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Peace and quiet and celebrity-style nicknames.

Well, actually, a little less than four weeks now! The phone lines have quietened down and we now have a limited number of tickets newly available for previously sold-out events.

We are learning how hard it is to pin people down! Editors and publicists seem fairly hard to get hold of and there's a lot of pinging and ponging back and forth on the phone. (This should be unsurprising to me having spent three years working in publishing, but there we go.) We're busy trying to get features written in various publications, interviews arranged and flyers created for different groups of people.

A particularly exciting development was learning that the Turner prize winning artist Richard Long, who is coming to Ways with Words on Sunday July 18th is also having a piece of his work exhibited at Torre Abbey from July 5th to August 31st. What's especially good is that my boyfriend's mother, who I'm currently living with whilst down in Devon, is responsible for organising the exhibition, so I'm optimistic about some good reciprocal publicity opportunities there.

I am the sole intern in the office today...Florence and Jo are delivering programmes and Kate has gone off to France for a couple of days. It's very quiet. Although having just said that, Jo-Flo have pulled into the drive. Jo-Flo. Now there is a nickname that I am going to make stick!

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