Thursday, 10 June 2010

A Staff Excursion...

Yesterday the WWW staff were lucky enough to see the Miracle Theatre Company's take on Romeo and Juliet in the grounds of Fingals Hotel, Dittisham. Placed at the front and surrounded by our extensive picnic we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

It was a fun production and the simple costumes and set were used to great effect. The cast of six played all the vital parts, using items of costume, stance and facial expression to convey which character they were playing. The set echoed the stage of the globe theatre with a curtained portico and Juliet's bedroom and the famous balcony scene were played very effectively on top of the portico. The script struck a balance between being true to the original and being accessible, with well-known passages fluently laced together with modern dialogue.

The rain held off and the evening became even more magical when stage lights were gradually introduced with the fading of the natural light. This fitted beautifully with the nature of the play: the sky grew darker with the subject matter! Birds provided the underscore, bats flitted above the stage and it was altogether a wonderful evening.


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