Friday, 16 July 2010

Full-on Friday!

Today's the day that we've all secretly been building up to. Every day has had its fair share of well-known names and sold out events but today has been particularly full of them. Our first substitution happened today as well: Lindsay Porter couldn't attend due to illness so Ian Mortimer stepped in last minute to talk about Medieval murders. Pretty much all the Barn events were fully booked and they've been one steward down so I stepped in for the Ian Mortimer talk, which I was very excited about and it didn't disappoint. I sat, captivated, willing the minutes to slow down as he spoke fluently and engagingly on the demise of Edward II, III and Richard II. By far my favourite event of the festival.

Next up for me, front of house duty for the Great Hall on arguably the busiest afternoon of the week - three consecutive sold out events -Antonia Fraser, Ian McEwan and Fraser, Foreman & Nicolson. Two down, one to go. Getting as many people in has, so far, progressed very smoothly, to everyone's delight: people are squishing and squashing and getting very cosy with their next-door neighbours! I've escaped the hall though, because it's stiflingly hot in there and, I hate to say it, Ian's books are rather more captivating than the unfolding event (but I believe a little bit of honesty when reviewing talks is appropriate).

I'd better leave it here as I'm needed back for FOH in quarter of an hour. Another thing to note: it's Jo's last day today so we all wave a big GOODBYE to her in a couple of hours :-( - I'll definitely miss her this weekend, It's been great to be an intern with her!

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