Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Sleeping in the rain

So the rain arrived yesterday but really settled in today. I got caught in a downpour whilst cycling to the festival and spent the first few hours in the office barefoot as I tried, rather unsuccessfully, to dry my shoes and socks in the warm server room nearby. Unfortunately they hadn't really dried out by the time I had to go and sell extra books by Rosemary Bailey in the Waterstones tent after her event in the Barn.

As I was standing in the marquee, shivering in my hoody and waterproof, the heavens opened and torrents of water thundered down. We could have been standing underneath a waterfall it was so loud. It was the sort of rain that makes you giggle at the sheer force of it. People rushing from porch to porch look funny, huddled three to an umbrella, skipping over the ground as if they'll keep their shoes and hems drier that way, scarves blowing and newspapers scattered around being turned to mulch.

A quiet day in the box office, really. And then a quiet session stewarding in the Great Hall for Jon McGregor. Quiet because, whilst I sat leaning against the back wall I fell asleep for, I have to be honest, most of the session. Sorry Jon. I did wake up - with a little help from my fellow steward - just in time to be the roving mic and so avoiding a potentially embarrassing situation...

Van Rouge has closed up, the phones are silent and people are eating their dinner. I have half an hour before I have to be back on steward duty for Martin Bell who will be talking about the expenses scandal.

I think it's time to head off for another quick nap in the West Wing lounge - I don't think I'll be able to get away with a snooze in this session....aaand another downpour. Great.

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